The Rosenqvists Continuous Abrasive Peeler is suitable for peeling potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables.

Keeping water usage to a minimum and ensuring the lowest possible material losses during peeling are very important factors to consider when choosing a peeling system for your process. The result of peeling for each individual potato will affect the quality of your finished product.

The Continuous Abrasive Peeler has eight high–speed rollers. The rollers can have different gauges of coated abrasive material depending on the desired peeling effect. Specially selected coating material and the coating process combine to make the rollers very durable and long lasting. The abrasive rollers can be replaced by nylon brushes for optimum effect when preparing fresh potatoes or when the unit is used for deskinning.

The rollers of the Continuous Abrasive Peeler rotate at a very high speed and the centrifugal force generated by it removes the peel waste. A minimum of fresh water is used for rinsing. All eight rollers can easily be exchanged if nylon brushes or a new roller set is required.

A central auger conveys the potatoes through the length of the peeler. By adjusting the auger speed and the speed of the abrasive rollers, the desired degree of peeling is achieved. Speeds are adjusted via frequency converters placed in the control panel.

Two covers at the top of the unit can be easily opened for cleaning. The peeler has central lubrication points for the in feed and discharge bearing components.
The Continuous Abrasive Peeler can also be supplied with a peel waste pump system (optional). With such a system in place, the waste is pumped to an external container or waste area.

  • Easy and adjustable peeling levels
  • Minimum usage of water
  • Flexible peeling through special rollers or nylon brushes