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Since the first Potato Chips fryer was designed in the early 1970s by PPM AB (today known as Rosenqvists), the potato itself has always been kept in focus. We have designed all of our machines, from potato intake to the fryer outlet, with the potato in mind.

Over the years, this approach has strengthened our knowledge of the potato as a raw material and how to best treat from the first step of the process, to the finished product.

When designing equipment, we combine knowledge and experience with the latest computer simulation programs to design and manufacture efficient and reliable equipment for the process of producing potato chips.

Rosenqvists’ food processing range incorporates our general concepts for frying systems, designed to add customer value through accurate temperature profile control and an even product flow over the full fryer width. This is possible by using several internal inlets and outlets combined with temperature sensor feedback. All of Rosenqvists fryers has a short oil turn over time, which is achieved by the low oil volume in the system. The frying oil is cleaned from debris in a continuous full flow oil filtration, making the used oil usable again, which creates a cost-efficient solution since we take good care of the oil. All of our frying systems are heated with external Thermo Oil Systems, which is a very gentle heating of the frying oil since we can control an even heat application and never expose it to too hot surfaces.


How to Coat French Fries and Other Cut Potato Products

When we designed our batter mixer and enrober for coated products, we knew that the ideal of such a system was to ensure an even coverage of coating on each individual product before frying.