Rosenqvists has more than 40 years experience in developing,designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning complete potato and snack food processing lines.
In our experience, the installation of every production line is the beginning of a long partnership between Rosenqvists and our valued customer. We want to make sure that your production is running optimally giving you the quality and results you want.

If there are problems in production, we can have qualified technicians and any spare parts you need at your plant in a very short time.


With minimal investment, you can increase productivity, cut down on water usage and cut costs. Rosenqvists will visit your plant and give you advice on what measures can be taken to optimize your process. We will help you develop your existing product range and introduce new products to your portfolio. The best raw materials make the best products. Rosenqvists will help you test raw materials and design your process for optimal results.

Let us visit your manufacturing plant and work with your onsite technicians to optimize your process. Together, we can help you get the most out of your machinery and maximize your profits.


Even the best machine or processing line will eventually need spare parts. With our own workshop, long and vast experience and great installed base of machines, we know how to stock the right spare parts for you.

We are located in Southern Sweden with less than one hour drive to the main airport in Scandinavia, which means that in an emergency we can get the required part to you safely and quickly.

The spare parts are handled by Magnus Dahlberg who has been working for us for more than 20 years as designer, project manager and site supervisor.

Contact Magnus to order your spares.


Food processing technology is a fast-moving business. Keep your plant up to date with the latest developments in machinery and methods. You can add new machine units to your existing line and increase your range of products and your productivity.

You can also replace existing units which are not performing optimally. For example, Rosenqvists will help you replace oil filters or wash units for enhanced performance and economy.


A process line is as strong as its weakest link. If one part of the process is causing problems, the whole process suffers. Rosenqvists team of qualified service technicians is always ready to come to your assistance if a breakdown in production occurs.

We have the competence and any spare parts needed to quickly solve production problems and have your lines up and running effectively in the shortest possible time. Minimum downtime means minimum loss. With a long-term service plan, we will visit your plant frequently and keep every part of your production line in tip-top condition for best results.

For more information, contact Magnus Dahlberg, Aftermarket Manager