19 March, 2021

New Article: The World’s Thinnest Potato Chips

When project manager Peter Wedenell got to hear about the clients plan of producing the worlds thinnest potato chips, he was sceptical, at first. He feared the challenge of separating the slices enough to avoid lumps of potato chips in the fryer would be difficult. In the end, the team from the client and Rosenqvists Food Technologies succeeded in making history with a potato chips with only 0,8 mm thickness.

Read the article here

Read the article here

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8 March, 2021

The Potato – the Importance of the Raw Material

The secret to produce high quality potato products is to control the raw material. In the attached article Jörgen Andersson walks you through a presentation of the potato as a raw material, the variations in internal and external quality, as well as how a processing line should be able to handle these variations. Enjoy!

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8 February, 2021

Expand Snack Pellets in Salt

In the article “Product Opportunities with RoastR!”, Jakob Alftén walks you through what products can be produced in the new snack innnovation RoastR, that utilizes the heat transfer capability in salt to expand snack pellets.

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20 January, 2021

New Partnership Announcement

Rosenqvist Food Technologies thrives to further expand their market presence around the world, and therefore we are delighted to announce the new strategic partnership with the company Luciano Aguilar for the Spanish and Portuguese snack and potato processing industry.

Luciano Aguilar S.A.  is a family owned company founded in 1876 whose core activity is the exclusive representation and distribution of industrial machinery for Spain and Portugal. Its activity is mainly focused on equipment for processing, packaging and inspection in the food sector


Rosenqvists Food Technologies designs and manufactures complete processing lines for all styles of potato chips, snack pellets, nuts, French fries, coated French fries and potato specialities.

Speaking of the partnership, Fredrik Rönnberg at Rosenqvist Food Technologies says, “We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, and as a machine manufacturer, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to assist our customers in enhancing their productivity and growing their businesses. We felt a natural fit with the company Luciano Aguilar and the owners company values. Together with Luciano Aguilar’s local market knowledge and our latest solutions for the snack and potato processing industry we are convinced that this partnership will provide our customers an even better overall support”.

To find out more about Rosenqvist Food Technologies and Luciano Aguilar, get in touch with Dries De Block or Dan Tous.

Dries De Block: dries.deblock@rosenqvists.com

Dan Tous: dan.tous@laguilar.es

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