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On the 1st of June, we had our five year anniversary. During this five years our company has had a fantastic development. We started from scratch in June 2009 and 2014 will be the best year with an estimated turnover of close to 14 Million EUR.

During the last five years we have redesigned and developed all the individual machines forming the process lines for French fries and potato chips. We have developed, designed and supplied machines for pea nuts, batch peelers, batch fryers, coated French fries, etc. We have added a number of new persons within our engineering, sales and service organization.

In order to further strengthen our engineering department, we hired Ulf Hörlin who joined the company on June 1.

Ulf has a degree in mechanical engineering and has been working with the medical equipment industries. He also has a long experience with in R&D and design of waste water treatment plants. With his background combined with the global experience he will be an important part of our future expansion.

Please contact any member of our team to learn how your company can benefit from a close relationship with us.