For potato flake lines Rosenqvists recommends the company Tummers in Hoggerheide Holland. Rosenqvists has a close co operation with Tummers.

Tummers is the global leader in know how and supply of complete potato flake lines. Tummers also build their own drum dryers.

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Rosenqvists has the know how for the manufacturing of a unique type of frozen mashed potato. The frozen end product comes in the form of very small potato pieces, which are packed in normal plastic bags or cups. The product is reconstituted by adding milk / water and heated in a pan or microwave oven.

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Based on Rosenqvists experience and know how in frying techniques (oil management, oil flow simulations, oil filtration, heating methods, oil break down, etc.) it was natural for us to develop a special fryer for donuts.

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