Rosenqvists Defatter for Lowfat Potato Chips

For more than 40 years ago, we developed the unique method of processing low fat chips. The method using saturated heat, ensures that the final product quality remains but with a potato chips with lower fat content. Using the patented Rosenqvists Defatter ,the finall oil content will be reduced by minimum ten ( 10 ) actual percent meaning a reduction from
normal 33 - 35 % down to 23 - 25 % . This corresponds to a potato chip with 30 - 35 % lower fat content.

Basic principle : The Defatter has to be connected directly to your exisiting fryer in order to achieve the best result and have no negative impact of the oil quality. ( see sketch )

How it works : The Defatter works as an in- line closed chamber ( see sketch )

- Steam is injected and blown through a heat exchanger where it is super-heated to 160 - 180 degree C.

- The super-heated steam passes the product bed, picking up excess oil from the product surface.

- The steam ,full of oil droplets, passes through a specially designed filter ,which removes and recovers the oil

- Since the process takes Place in an oxygen-free environment, the quality of the oil is preserved and it can be pumped back to the fryer.

Test / Lab unit : Do you want to test the impact of the Defatter on your product ? We have a small test unit that can be sent to your plant, The test unit
( measurements: 1 x 1 x 1 meter ) is selfsupported and gives you the same result as the fullscale industrial machine in terms of oil reduction, crispiness, colour, taste, etc.
This we guarantee !

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