Seasoning and Distribution

Rosenqvists are a full system provider. We combine all our products to build custom made systems according to your requirements. All systems supplied are operated from a HMI system developed by Rosenqvists based on our vast know-how and experience. No matter the size of your project we can help you integrate it to your needs. From a single unit to a complete packing hall with complex seasoning handling requirements, Rosenqvists can design and supply your complete seasoning and distribution system.


We are offering four different standard configurations of our seasoning system. All four configurations can be designed and customized for any coating need. Slow speed, gentle action, and uniform product depth prevent product brea-age and ensures optimal coverage for consistency with all types of seasoning. All seasoning systems are built on one skid for ease of installation and the design has been optimized for easy access and cleaning.

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We are offering four different distribution machines, from a basic system with manual control to the most sophisticated solution including automatic mass flow of snack throughput. The solutions can be designed to your specific needs.

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