19 April, 2024

New HMI platform reduces resource waste – Case study Potato Chips

Automation integrator PMA joined forces with machine builder Rosenqvists Food Technologies to significantly raise standards at Orklas factory in Åland. Using a new, standardised HMI platform with Simatic WinCC Unified by Siemens brings the factory one step closer to Industry 4.0.

THE CHALLENGE | At The Haraldsby factory in Åland, Orkla had a lot of systems using old equipment. Orkla needed to ensure uptime and operation in order to achieve efficient, safe and sustainable production.

THE SOLUTION | Working with Rosenqvists Food Technologies, PMA has raised the standard with a new, standardised HMI platform using Siemens panels and visualisation software within the Simatic WinCC Unified System.

THE RESULT | Orkla is able to produce the same quantities more efficiently and monitor KPIs to enable a faster response to deviations. User-friendliness is improved, resource consumption is optimised, waste is reduced, quality is improved and safety standards are raised throughout the process feeder.

Thomas Nilsson, operating manager at Rosenqvists; Niklas Möllerstedt, account manager at Rosenqvists; Victor Grigore, automation engineer at Orkla; Dan Ruhnström, account manager at Siemens; Sam Landström, maintenance manager at Orkla; Dennis Lesonen, programmer at PMA; and Calle Lundin, co-owner and manager of operations at PMA.

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