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  • 1976

    Potato Processing Machinery AB (PPM) founded in Kristianstad, Sweden. The company was a spin-off from Foodco specializing in potato intake and processing for French Fries.

  • 1970’s

    Era for the modern potato chips processing line. PPM introduces the multi-zone fryer, defatter for low-fat chips and the continuous abrasive peeler with variable speeds.

  • 1979

    First major project for large scale potato chips.

  • 1981

    Patent for Double Nature – the frozen mashed potato.

  • 1988

    Patent and introducing the multi-turbulence blancher used for potato chips.

  • 1990

    PPM AB purchased by Frigoscandia AB, Helsingborg, Sweden.

  • 1996

    PPM AB and Frigoscandia AB acquired into FMC Food Tech, USA.

  • 1996

    Patent for the new improved Star Wheel Fryer for snack pellets.

  • 1997

    Development and first installation made for stackable chips.

  • 1999

    First installation with double-frying systems for coated French Fries using the new patented double-drive (push and pull) design for the frying belt.

  • 2001

    Introducing ASTA for even product quality in the frying system. The first Banana chips line installed and the first frying system for corn nuts.

  • 2002

    Improved process control with temperature zones in blancher and fryer. First major frying system for potato specialities (hash browns).

  • 2003

    Introducing CATZ system in the work to limit acrylamide levels in potato chips.

  • 2007

    FMC Food Tech decides to divest PPM AB to an American investment group which formed PPM Technologies Inc., Oregon, USA.

  • 2009

    The 3-step MTB blancher is introduced.

  • 2009-2010

    Rosenqvists Food Technologies AB is founded with former employees of PPM and the main subcontractor Rosenqvists Mekaniska AB, and acquires all assets from PPM AB.

  • 2012

    The first processing line for frying peanuts is installed

  • 2015

    Introducing coating systems for French Fries.

  • 2019

    The patented RoastR is introduced at Snackex, roasting snack pellets in salt.

Since the first Potato Chips fryer was designed in the early 1970s by PPM AB (today known as Rosenqvists Food Technologies), the potato itself has always been kept in focus. We have designed all our machines, from potato intake to the fryer outlet, with the potato in mind. 

Over the years, this approach has strengthened our knowledge of the potato as a raw material and how to best treat from the first step of the process, to the finished product. 

When designing equipment, we combine knowledge and experience with the latest computer simulation programs to design and manufacture efficient and reliable equipment for the process of producing potato chips, as well as frozen potato products and other snack food. 

Thermal treatment

The core of the Rosenqvists’ food processing know-how is thermal treatment or in other words the ability to blanch, dry and fry raw materials. The range includes the unique design for frying systems, designed to add customer value by accurate temperature control and an even product flow over the full fryer width. This is possible by using several internal inlets and outlets combined with temperature sensor feedback. All of Rosenqvist’s fryers has a short oil turn over time, which is achieved by the low oil volume in the system. The frying oil is cleaned from debris in a continuous full flow oil filtration, making the used oil usable again, which creates a cost-efficient solution since we take good care of the oil.  

Thanks to the founders of PPM AB (Jan Bengtsson, Roland Haraldsson, Bo Jönsson and Claes Friberg) and several other innovators over the years, we can offer well-proven processing equipment. The current management team at Rosenqvists Food Technologies carries on the legacy of PPM AB and is determined to continue to improve our offer to producers of potato chips, snacks and frozen potato products.