Fried nuts


The Rosenqvists nut frying system are suitable for all types of nuts and seeds. The fryer is excellent for coated nuts. Depending on the final product, the frying system is equipped with the suitable type of belt, oil filtration system and possible need of a top submerger belt to ensure production and final product quality.

The frying system

The fryer uses an external heating system which reduces the total oil volume and ensures that the vegetable oil is not overheated. With no tubing inside the frying pan cleaning is made easy. The vegetable oil is cleaned continuously in the external filter system. The oil is heated over a tube heat exchanger using thermo oil as heating media.

With the multiple oil-inlets the desired temperature profile along the frying cycle can be set during the process. The low total oil volume in the full frying system gives shorter Oil-Turn-Over-Rates than traditional fryers.

After frying the nuts are cooled to the desired final temperature in the ambient air cooler. Applying salt or other seasoning can also be done with Rosenqvists seasoning system.

Rosenqvists also supplies the in-feed system for the nuts and salt & oil application systems. A screening sieving drum can be used to remove small particles, such as the embryo of the nut.

We delivered the first nut fryer eight years ago and Rosenqvists unique experience in frying technologies and since then we have developed a series of special fryers for nuts. If you desire to produce Peanuts, Cashew nuts, Almonds or any other nut, we have the equipment!

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The processing steps

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Seasoning & glansing


In the first step of our nutfrying line we make sure to transport the right amount of nuts towards the frying. it is important to feed an even flow of product already from start. When we have ensured an even amount of nuts, we want to make sure that any broken pieces or embryos are removed before frying.


When the fines and broken pieces have been removed, the clean nuts are aligned over the complete width of the belt in the fryer, so that we can maximize the capacity of fried nuts and control the temperature profile accordingly.


After the nuts have been fried, they are distributed to an air cooler to fasten the cooling process. the excess oil from that drips of the belt are collected and transported back to frying system.

Seasoning & glansing

The width of the belt in the fryer, cooler and seasoning belt are the same, so that we can maintain a consistent and even flow throughout the process. the salt or seasoning is applied over the complete width of the fryer and then glans-oil can be applied if desired. to even out any excess of salt, seasoning or glans oil, the nuts are sent to stirring, before being distributed to the packing.

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