Batch style potato chips

The interest for new potato chip varieties are constantly increasing and we always have innovation in mind whilst developing our equipment so that we can be relevant for your future market. 

Producers around the world are looking for differentiating their product by making the characteristics of it unique and for the last five years the popularity of copying potato chips made in a kettle, what we call batch fried potato chips, has increased tremendously.

With our multi-zone frying system, you can produce both classic potato chips and batch style potato chips in the same fryer. As the batch fried chips are fried in lower oil temperatures and for longer times, the secret is to duplicate the temperature profile along the continuous fryer to match the process of a chip being fried in a kettle. When producing batch-style potato chips like this, the result of the shape, taste, oil-content and crunchiness will be very similar to batch fried potato chips.

The separation of the slices in the first section of our Multi-Zone Chips Fryer, is guaranteed by the patented FIST (Flow Injection Side Turbulent) system. The FIST system injects oil from the side which separates the individual slices and thus avoid any lumping or chips.

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Multi-Zone Chips Fryer

Multi-Zone Chips Fryer

Multi-Zone Chips Fryer

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