Rosenqvists vibratory conveyor – VibrEM

The eM range of conveyors use electromagnetic drives resulting in highly reliable units that virtually eliminate maintenance and downtime. The tailor made controller allows variable product speeds enabling regulation of product flow rates. Suiting a broad range of applications and offering gentle product handling with minimal maintenance, the unit will add value to your processing line. Perfect for modular distribution systems with proportional endgates to feed on-head-seasoning all operated from a HMI systems developed by Rosenqvists.

Our horizontal motion conveyor – VibrHM

This conveyor gently handles your most delicate products. With the possibility to have long pan lengths, up to 30 meters, combined with different gate and lane configurations gives a cost effective option compared to a modular distribution system. The possibility to reverse product direction and the ability to place the drive at either end or even below the conveyor make the conveyor suitable for most layouts. Its self-cleaning pan and its ability to replace several conveyors, reducing transfer points, are two important factors when considering a new conveyor for your product. The VibRHM is superb as in-line-storage with capacities up to 5 m³ of snack.

Our belt and elevators

To be able to make your distribution system complete we also supply flighted Z-elevators for large elevation changes. In addition we supply a range of belt configurations including normal transport belts and weighing belts. We only use food grade belts with the correct flight design to suit your application and capacity. The steelwork is always manufactured in stainless steel. We work with both modular and flat belts and can include many options including CIP and catch pans.

If desired we can also supply bucket elevators in various sizes and configurations including with multiple discharge points. Contact us for more detailed information.

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