Test and analyse product properties


This year, we opened the doors to our brand new testing laboratory. In R-LAB, we have the chance to test and analyse product properties for our own R&D-purposes, as well as tests for customers around the world. 

There are a number of possibilities in R-LAB. We can 

  • Fry or roast snack pellets 
  • Simulate processing of French Fries 
  • Simulate processing of potato chips 
  • Evaluate raw material quality
  • Try out new ideas for snack products 
  • Facilitate tests for defatter in the chips line 

If you are curious to find out how your snacks turn out to be in Rosenqvists equipment, you are most welcome to contact us. You can either visit us and perform tests together with our team or you can also send us your snack products for us to test. 

Welcome to R-LAB! 

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