Low fat potato chips

When we introduced the snack industry for Rosenqvists Patented Defatter we were the only company that could bring down the fat-content in potato chips from 30-35 % to 20-25%. A total fat reduction of 10 %, with a retained quality after processing. In fact, we still are the only company that can achieve this fat reduction in potato chips!

Rosenqvists patented Defatter uses an internal heat exchanger to heat the already hot steam up to 160-180 degrees. The hot steam consists of oil drops and must be filtered before it is blown on the product. This is possible with a specially designed filter, that not only removes the oil, but also recovers it.

With fans installed inside the machine, it is possible to blow steam through the product bed. The excess fat that hasn’t yet penetrated the potato chips, can now be removed from the product surface. Since the process takes Place in an oxygen-free environment, the quality of the oil is preserved and it can be pumped back to the fryer. This is also the reason that the Defatter must be connected directly to your fryer, in order to reach the best result and to not have a negative impact of the oil quality.

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