Frequently asked questions


Rosenqvists has solution to produce Potato Chips, Snack pellets, Peanuts, frozen French Fries and frozen Potato Specialities. There are so many possibilites, we are happy to discuss options.

All machines from Rosenqvists are designed in our office in Kristianstad, Sweden, and manufactured in our workshop or other selected workshops in the south part of Sweden. For some chosen applications, for example cutting and optical sorting, we utilize solutions from other partners and integrate them into our processing line.

Rosenqvists has a customer base all over the world and is able to deliver and support installations on all continents and almost all countries in the world.

All projects are different and the detailed roles and responsibilites will differ from case to case. At Rosenqvists, we can take responsibility for designing the processing line and building the equipment needed. Furthermore, we can supervise installation and start-up of the production, everything to reach your goal for the final product. In most of the projects we are involved in, our customer takes responsibility for preparing the building, utilities and waste handling. Our project manager supports the customer with advice. In conclusion, Rosenqvists does not offer complete turnkey projects, but takes responsibility for the integration and performance of the processing line provided that necessary infrastructure is in place.