The Rosenqvists Mechanical Workshop

Welcome to Rosenqvists Mechanical Workshop in Gringelstad, Sweden. This is where we manufacture most of the machines for the Rosenqvists processing lines for potato chips and french fries.

We are experts in stainless steel, building machines for the processing of potato chips, snack pellets, french fries and potato specialities. It can be peelers, washers, vibratory conveyors, blanchers, drying systems and of course frying systems. Our core competence is thermal treatment of potato and other foods. Designed and customized blanchers, dryers and fryers to fit the needs of our clients. We care about efficiency, hygiene and safety. We do what it takes to preserve oil quality.

World class handcraft skills – our most important resource

  • Welding – state of the art finish
  • Stainless steel expertise – the right quality and specification
  • Laser cutting – efficient production
  • Pickling – in-house pickling of the material

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Perhaps you are a manufacturer in South of Sweden. Contact us to find out if we can assist your production. We are always happy to support.

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Historic place for metal work

At the place of today’s workshop, the blacksmith Master Algot started to manufacture and repair tools, wagon wheels and horseshoes for local farmers and the nearby manor of Ugerup. This was back in 1898 when every village had its own blacksmith. There are many stories still today of Master Algot and his new constructions and creative inventions. They were the products of conversations with local farmers, finding out more about their needs.

In 1976, we started to manufacture machines for potato processing under the brand PPM, later Rosenqvists Food Technologies.

Still today, we listen to what our client’s needs, and we are ready to adapt our design to make it fit perfectly. The handcraft skills of the people working here is world-class and our most important resource.

Worldclass handcraft skills – our most important resource

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