26 June, 2024

Learnings from Snackex in Stockholm

Our team is back from Snackex in Stockholm, full of inspiration and energy. We got the chance to catch up with many clients and partners. What are the takeaways from Snackex, at least from our perspective?

Firstly, the snacks industry is full of positive people and companies with plans for growth. It is just inspiring to learn about your exciting ideas for product innovation and other plans for a more efficient production process. Great to be a part of an industry with so many creative plans.

Continued focus on the energy challenge and efficiency in production. We followed a number of presentations at Snack Science Hub (sponsored by Rosenqvists) highlighting sustainability or producing more with less input, as some would express it. Improved energy efficiency in Snack Baking from Reading Bakery Systems, increase yield with pulse electric field technology from Elea and of course a summary of possible short and long-term energy savings when producing potato chips from our own R&D Manager Magnus Kalling.

Product development driven by healthy and natural ingredients is something that stands out. Ideas for nutritious snacks, concepts for healthier products and a range of new natural ingredients were presented at the show. We stopped to taste snack products with new flavours from around the world. It is fun and inspiring. This development is a result of skilled product developers and new opportunities in the world of ingredients.

Finally, from Rosenqvists Food Technologies, we showcased the improvements made to our Star Wheel Frying system, the easy-to-use snack pellet frying system driven by electrical heating. The online dashboard from a 1000 kg/hour chips line were demonstrated. We had discussions on new types of snack products, and we could explain how we can avoid wasting vegetable oil in frying systems for nuts, a tough challenge in terms of frying technology. We are proud to have a system allowing our client to minimize the risk of oil waste. Distribution system and seasoning system were also presented in the Rosenqvists booth. We have a complete range enabling us to compile a processing line from potato intake to packaging.

We will continue to develop the 3rd generation chips fryer for the sustainable and green production facility of the future. When we meet up in Lisbon, Portugal in 2026, we look forward to presenting more news.

Thank you for your visit at Snackex in Stockholm!

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