4 April, 2019

Produce Batch and Classic Potato Chips in the Same Fryer!

Perhaps you are planning to invest in a processing line for batch potato chips, but you are not sure if it is the right step for your market and it is after all a big investment. We at Rosenqvists know the challenge that you are facing, which is the reason why we designed the MTX Fryer that can produce both Batch and Classic Potato Chips in the same fryer.

The change-over from Batch-Set-Up to Classic Chips takes about 90 minutes. This means a practical and realistic chance for snacks manufacturer to plan for shifts of both styles of potato chips.

Differences Between Batch and Classic Potato Chips

There is a big difference between the batch and classic potato chips when it comes to their characteristics. The batch produced chip has a harder bite and a curly appearance. The classic produced chip on the other hand is crispy and has a flat appearance.

Batch Potato Chips

Historically potato chips were produced in a kettle. The producer threw in a batch of potato slices, without washing them, and let them cook for 5-6 minutes, whilst a person manually stirred the chips until they were ready. This process gave the chips its’ unique shape and texture, with a harder bite and curly appearance, which still is what producers today strive for when producing batch chips today.

The same technique is therefore used when producing batch chips today – no washing of the slices and maintain stirring the chips until ready. However, to create the same stirring in an industry fryer, a paddle wagon is installed to push down the potato chips in the hot oil and create the necessary stirring.

Classic Potato Chips

Unlike the batch produced potato chips, classic potato chips are produced continuously and the free starch in the surface water on the cut potato slices are removed before entering the fryer. Due to the continuous process, and shorter processing time, it is also possible to produce a higher volume of classic potato chips.

Short Facts About the MTX Fryer

The unique MTX fryer uses the unique multi-zone frying solution from Rosenqvists patented batch frying. By adjusting the temperature zones and applying different techniques for product transportation, the MTX fryer can combine these two frying techniques with different capacities.

  • Classic Potato Chips.
  • Batch Potato Chips.
  • Change product in 90 min.
  • Minimum amount of oil.

If you want to be able to produce two different type of potato chips in the same fryer, please, contact Rosenqvists Food Technologies to learn more.

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