19 March, 2021

The World’s Thinnest Potato Chips

When project manager Peter Wedenell got to hear about the clients plan of producing the worlds thinnest potato chips, he was sceptical, at first. He feared the challenge of separating the slices enough to avoid lumps of potato chips in the fryer would be difficult. In the end, the team from the client and Rosenqvists Food Technologies succeeded in making history with a potato chips with only 0,8 mm thickness.


A normal slice thickness for classic potato chips is 1,35 mm, but it can vary between 1,2 mm to 2 mm depending on what type of product you would like to produce.

It is important to wash out free starch before frying and separating the slices in the frying process. To fry an even thinner chips slice is difficult to do in an industrial scale and many tests had to be done before reaching the appropriate settings. In the end, the vibratory shaker, the high-speed belt with air blowers and suction box, the fryer design with the immense possibilities to set all frying parameters succeeded to produce each thin slice in the right way. The final product is a golden potato slice shaped like a flower. The oil pick-up is naturally a bit higher with a thin slice. Using only the best of vegetable oils, the taste experience is a sensation when eating this potato rose.

It is a great feeling to help the producer to realise their dream of the world’s thinnest potato chips.”, says Peter Wedenell. “This project was not easy and there were times I doubted the end result. Seeing now the product on the market, being such an exclusive snack, makes me proud and happy.”. Again, the batch fryer from Rosenqvists Food Technologies have proven to be versatile enough to cope with the challenge of producing the thinnest potato chips in the world.

What Type of Chip is Your Dream?

What type of potato chips would you like to produce? Are you aiming for a thick hard-bite batch fried or a classic light and thinner structure? At Rosenqvists Food Technologies, we can help you to realise your vision in product development. Our frying systems are versatile, and the processing technology secures food quality and shelf life. Above all, it is all about creating a fantastic taste experience for your consumer.

Find out more about what types of potato chips we can help you produce: https://foodtechnologies.rosenqvists.com/processing-lines/potato-chips/

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