12 April, 2021

Acrylamide Mitigation – It is Possible!

With the right actions in place to control build-up of Acrylamide, it is possible to maintain a stable and low level well within the recommended benchmark level at 750 microgram/kg. Your control program should ideally address the important factors which are:

  • Raw material quality (low levels of reducing sugars)
  • Possible pre-treatment (Pulse Electric Field or other)
  • Blanching
  • Temperature profile in the frying system (lower temperature in the end zone of the fryer)
  • Moisture content of final product
  • Optimize process control (never over fry)
  • Remove all dark brown chips or french fries (possible optical sorting)

Plan and control the factors of importance above, but remember that the final product has to still be of top quality and loved by your consumer.

We have summarized some basic facts about acrylamide and information to consider in a new article. Other important help on the subject is the Acrylamide Toolbox from FoodDrinkEurope and educational videos from European Snacks Association, ESA. ESA has now supporting data from 2002 to 2019 confirming that low levels of Acrylamide is possible.

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