30 March, 2022

Six tips to optimize water usage when producing potato chips

Water is used to produce high-quality potato chips for many good reasons. But water is a scarce resource and producers of chips are working hard to minimize the usage of water. What can you do to optimize the usage of water? In a new article, our project manager, Richard Rosenquist, explain why water is needed in your production and the six best tips for optimal water usage. 

The team of project managers at Rosenqvists Food Technologies is an important part of the communication we have with clients. They act as a speaking partner and advisor for all factors influencing the process. Richard Rosenquist has worked as project manager for some years now and we are glad he could share some insight for water management. 

Water is an important investment for a long production cycle. By reading the article, you can learn where water is used and why, some insight about our efficient slice washing system and study our six best tips for optimizing water usage. The six best tips are: 

  1. Clean the potato at intake 
  2. Re-use the water from slice washing and peeling 
  3. Utilize the waste stream from peeling and slice washing 
  4. Monitor water usage for blanching 
  5. Stop and clean as few times as possible 
  6. Re-use energy from the frying system to heat up water 

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