27 June, 2022

Upgrades to the Star Wheel Fryer

The star wheel fryer used for snack pellets is an efficient system offering unparalleled oil turn over rate. With a new infeed and a possible option for additional oil turbulence you can rest assure that even the most difficult snack pellets can be fried with excellent result.

The concept with the new infeed section makes sure that the snack pellet lands directly into the hot oil compartment. We have improved the distribution into the frying compartment minimizing the risk of pellets sticking to each other or getting stuck on fryer walls. Inside the fryer, we have also improved the star wheel with additional perforated holes improving oil flow. Even for challenging 3D shaped pellets, the frying performance is spotless.

A practical aspect of the new infeed design is that your current star wheel fryer can easily be upgraded. No need for you to purchase a new fryer to utilize this latest upgrade. The customer service team from Rosenqvists Food Technologies can plan and offer an upgrade kit for you. The upgrade is done at site using only one day of work. If you, for some reason, would like to go back to the traditional infeed, you can switch back with a quick change.

The latest design changes also include an additional oil turbulence, SPOT. The oil turbulence is used as an extra boost for the hot oil to reach all cavities of the snack pellet. For most shapes of snack pellets the oil turbulence is not needed and the design feature is therefore only offered as an option. The SPOT oil turbulence can be installed on new as well as already installed star wheel fryers.

The latest upgrades to the star wheel fryer is developed in close cooperation with a client and a pellet supplier. We thank them for providing valuable feed-back to our design team and allowing us to test new feature in their daily operation.

Contact Customer Service to get more information and offer for your upgrade to the star wheel fryer.

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