5 December, 2022

Take-aways from Interpom

Thinking back to my days at Interpom, I am filled with enthusiasm. The potato industry has a positive belief in the future, and rightly so, consumers continue to love French fries and potato specialties in all shapes and forms.

For us, at Rosenqvists Food Technologies, it feels great to be part of this industry and  we remain humble for any challenges that awaits us. Our days at Interpom was packed with interesting discussions. Process optimization in general, focus on oil management and energy efficiency but also importance of cleanability of and access to process equipment. We got the chance to discuss our three-step filtering and optimal oil handling in our potato specialties frying system and to explain our new clean design of our drying system for French fries.

Thank you, all visitors at Interpom, you made our days intensive and interesting. We look forward to get a chance to work on more projects together.


Stefan Björk, Managing Director

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