20 December, 2022

R-News: What happened in 2022 – What we look forward to?

Dear Friend,

This past year has been eventful for us at Rosenqvists Food Technologies. When I think about the projects, we have been supporting in 2022, I am especially satisfied of how much we have learned together with you, our clients and partners. The important improvement in our solutions is realized thanks to relevant interaction with you and thanks to committed team members in our company. I am thankful for this important collaboration. A few special memories from the achievements during the past year are:

  • A completed re-design of the star wheel fryer for snack pellets.
  • Studies and training in how to optimize the production of potato chips. There are still so much to master regarding energy efficiency, water usage and, of course, product development.
  • Verification of the performance of the new drying system for french fries. Performance, ability to clean and energy consumption means lower production cost and longer production hours for our clients.
  • Validation that our frying system for potato specialities offers unique benefits in terms of oil volume and oil flow.
  • The processing line for coated french fries is updated to allow for easier cleaning.

I don’t know exactly what the coming year has to offer us, but my expectations are high. The discussions we currently have for future projects tells me that the food industry has a positive view of the future. We are in for an exciting year. I look forward to diving in deeper into new heat supply sources for potato chips, to develop and prepare new solutions for preparing french fries into further processing and for a re-design of the biggest star wheel fryer for pellets offering even better oil turn-over rate. We have a lot going in terms of development. Still, the most rewarding satisfaction I experience is when I see some our machines in action in your production site, doing its job, hour after hour, day after day.

Thank you for your trust and business during the year, it means a lot. I wish you some nice days over Christmas and New Years!

Kind regards,

Stefan Björk, Managing Director Rosenqvists Food Technologies

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