25 September, 2023

The first fries are special – read the newsletter

In this newsletter you can read about the new generation of automation software. This new platform from Siemens has enables us to develop new user interface for the operators. We are sharing a short film from one of our recent installations for French fries. New material for leaf springs in vibratory conveyors and a smart design for wear indication for the gliding strips are introduced. With increasing demands from the market, you will also get to know some of our new team members.

Daily operations continue at a fast pace at Rosenqvists Food Technologies, solving new design challenges. It makes me happy and proud to see all improvements we manage to implement in projects we are working on. During the latest six months, significant changes have been made to lower oil volume in our snack pellet fryer, improved protection for the potato speciality fryer, achieved better hygiene in our new drying system for French fries, lowered the surface water of the chips slices for potato chips and increased speeds in frying systems for prefabricated chips.

Our workshop recently celebrated 125 years of operation. In Gringelstad, in the south of Sweden, blacksmith Master Algot started to manufacture and repair tools, wagon wheels and horseshoes for local farmers and the nearby manor of Ugerup. This was back in 1898 when every village had its own blacksmith. There are many stories of Master Algot and his new constructions and inventions. These were products made from conversations with local farmers, solving their challenges.

In 1960, we started to manufacture irrigation machines under the brand Rosenqvists.

In 1976, we started to manufacture machines for food processing under the brand PPM. Eventually, this production merged into today’s Rosenqvists Food Technologies.

Still today, we listen to what our client’s needs, and we are ready to adapt our design to make it fit perfectly. The handcraft skills of the people working here is world-class and our most important resource. Moving forward, we proceed our focus on food processing and, of course, especially potato processing.

Kind regards,

Stefan Björk, Managing Director

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