11 December, 2023

New project for french fries in South Africa

“Capacity, quality, futureproofing,… were some key focus points for this client in South Africa, something they made clear for us when we started the project journey together”, explains sales manager Dries De Block at Rosenqvists Food Technologies.

Understanding the local challenge of dry matter fluctuations throughout the season in raw material, made them decide on going for a large drying system. This system offers the opportunity to maintain final capacity requirements even when processing lower dry matter potatoes.

Furthermore, they have chosen for flexibility by choosing a setup where in the future an extra coating section can be added to the line. The project already includes important upgrade possibilities for more production capacity and a bigger range of products.

“I am very proud I was part of this project and to see this state-of-the-art line for french fries in operation”, concludes Dries De Block. Warmest thanks to the client for great cooperation and partnership in sales with Gary Clack from Albrecht Machinery.

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