27 April, 2020

How to Coat French Fries and Other Cut Potato Products

Coating is applied to create desired product characteristics in todays’ cut potato products, for example French Fries or Wedges. When we designed our batter mixer and enrober for coated products, we knew that the ideal of such a system was to ensure an even coverage of coating on each individual product before frying. This is exactly what we have accomplished.

Rosenqvists Batter Mixer

The coating is mixed in Rosenqvists Batter Mixer, which controls the viscosity and temperature of the batter. When the coating has reached desired viscosity and temperature, it is pumped to a circulation tank and from there it is pumped to the enrober.

Rosenqvists Batter Micer

Before the cut potato products are entering the coating process, they are separated from each other in an aligning shaker, so that the full width of the Rosenqvists Enrober can apply batter effectively. Since the products are separated, we can ensure that each individual product gets an even coverage of batter. Of course, it is possible to set an overflow or submerged configurations to match various product specifications.

Rosenqvists Enrober

Since excess of coating may reduce the quality of the finished product and shorten the life of the frying oil, the last stage of the enrober has a dryer to blow off any excess of coating before entering the setting belt – where the coating sets to the product. To further ensure that the desired amount of coating is on the product when it enters the fryers, four additional air blowers are installed on the setting belt.

Rosenqvists Enrober

In the first frying step it is crucial to fry each product separately, so that the batter does not create lumps and so that the products do not stick to each other. This is made possible with our adjustable infeed belt and by maintaining a single product layer. When coating has been set in the first fryer, the speed is lowered in the second fryer to be able process a larger volume of product. This results in an even, maximized flow of products that is fed to the next step in the process.

Rosenqvists Double Frying System

Rosenqvists Double Frying System has the lowest volume of oil compared to any system on the market today. This ensures the quickest oil turnover rate, resulting in no oil waste – only continuous dosage of fresh oil to the fryers. Both fryers have Teflon scrapers integrated in the fryer belt, cleaning the bottom of the pan every 15-30 seconds. With our full flow oil filter, a cyclone filter and fine filter system, we can remove all particles from the oil. This provides an optimized oil management, with the lowest oil volume in the frying system on the market, with zero oil waste. Read more about the frying technology for classic and coated French Fries, and other cut potato products, in our article Fantastic Frying of French Fries – 4 Key Factors to Succeed.

Read more about the frying technology for classic and coated French Fries, and other cut potato products, in our article Fantastic Frying of French Fries – 4 Key Factors to Succeed.

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