17 August, 2021

Potato Chips Processing – check out film

Helping to start a new Chips factory is something special. To see the first chips coming out of the the fryer makes us happy and proud. We know the determination required behind a successful start-up, from us at Rosenqvists Food Technologies and from our local client.

Check out this video from the initial production day producing the first potato chips. They looked and tasted amazing, even on the first day of production. It is five minutes long, but gives a good overview of the different processing steps of classic potato chips.

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12 July, 2021

3 Practical Tips for Maintenance

Our service team has collected our best tips for maintenance in this article. Following these recommendations will secure uptime and save you costs for maintenance. They are all easy to perform on a regular basis. Click on the article below to learn more, it will only take you 2-3 minutes. We will explain more about:

  1. Checking condition of the Teflon Strip
  2. Replacing Leaf Springs and Spacers in your vibratory conveyor
  3. Checking your Scraper Spring in the continuous filter

At Rosenqvists Food Technologies, our engineers do everything they can to allow for an easy maintenance. Building tough and stable machines with long lifetime and with as low maintenance costs as possible are two core objectives for us. But after start-up, keeping your processing line in good condition requires planning and dedication of the maintenance team. We can give you advice on what parts to have in your stock and help you with inspection service where we trouble-shoot your line and present recommendations to lower your service costs.

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6 July, 2021

New Area Sales Manager and Design Engineers join Rosenqvists Food Technologies

We strongly believe in a positive future for the food industry and have decided to continue to develop and invest in our team. A new Area Sales Manager has been appointed replacing long-term team member Hubert Bihlmaier for the markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our design department welcomes two new Design Engineers for further innovation and support the processing projects.

After a long and truly remarkable career at PPM and later Rosenqvists Food Technologies, Hubert Bihlmaier has decided to start his retirement plans. Hubert will hand over the responsibility as Area Sales Manager at Rosenqvists Food Technologies from October 2021. We are thankful to have enjoyed such a long time with Hubert Bihlmaier being part of our team and grateful for his valuable contribution to Rosenqvists Food Technologies. Together with Hubert, we have realized a number of ground-breaking projects for French Fries and Potato Chips.

Fredrik Edlind will replace Hubert Bihlmaier as Area Sales Manager at Rosenqvists Food Technologies. Fredrik will take over responsibility for our clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as the United Kingdom and Ireland. Fredrik brings know-how and experience from selling and implementing technical projects internationally. He is recognized for his dedication to help clients and for his straightforward approach. We believe Fredrik Edlind will add value to many of our potential clients in the market.

Jakob Levin and Mikael Jönsjö have joined our team of Design Engineers. With them, we transfer knowledge to younger engineers and add strong design skills to our team. We can now support more projects and innovate further with more resources for engineering.

I welcome Fredrik Edlind, Jakob Levin and Mikael Jönsjö to Rosenqvists Food Technologies and wish Hubert Bihlmaier a pleasant transition to a well-deserved retirement.

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Stefan Björk

Managing Director

+46766498705 stefan.bjork@rosenqvists.com

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16 June, 2021

Rosenqvists announces the winner of the competition “How old is the oldest operational chips fryer?”

The oldest operational chips fryer was installed in Turkey and started up in February 1976. This means it has been in operation 45 years and 4 months.

The competition “How old is the oldest operational chips fryer from Rosenqvists” is a celebration of great engineering work. We thank you all for your guesses and interest in our competition. Mr Jordi Campa from Liven in Spain were spot on and wins the first prize, the wireless speaker from Boomit. Congratulations to Jordi Campa! The speaker is on its way.

We like to also specially mention Tomas Stomberg at Orkla in Sweden and Malin van Dellen från Culinar in Sweden for your guesses of 45 years and 2 months. You were so close!

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1 June, 2021

How old is the oldest working chips fryer from Rosenqvists?

Guess how many years and how many months old the chips fryer is. If you come closest to reality, you can win a Boomit wireless speaker. Perfect for your garden party or your picnic during the summer.

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17 May, 2021

3 Upgrade Steps for Potato Sticks

Rediscovering a classic snack product is made easy with Rosenqvists Food Technologies

Potato Sticks is a classic snack product. It is loved and consumed as a stand-alone snack or as a condiment to your grilled barbecue dinner. Why not rediscover this product, a perfect complement to your range of potato chips.

Check out this short film on how to produce Potato Sticks.

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Patrik Kjell from the service team at Rosenqvists Food Technologies summarizes the three upgrade steps needed in your processing line to produce potato sticks. Click on the full article below to find out what you need to do.

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3 May, 2021

Connectivity in the Factory of the Future

The challenges we face due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led to new ways of cooperating with our clients. A need to work efficient and smart has always been important, but now – when travelling is a challenge, we are forced to find new remote support and communication solutions. “In a way, the pandemic, have brought us even closer to our clients”, says Sales Manager Fredrik Rönnberg at Rosenqvists Food Technologies.

Find out how we can help you with remote support and optimizing your process in this new article. The article was first published in Potato Business Dossier 1/2021 – Factory of the Future, page 24.

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12 April, 2021

Acrylamide Mitigation – It is Possible!

With the right actions in place to control build-up of Acrylamide, it is possible to maintain a stable and low level well within the recommended benchmark level at 750 microgram/kg. Your control program should ideally address the important factors which are:

  • Raw material quality (low levels of reducing sugars)
  • Possible pre-treatment (Pulse Electric Field or other)
  • Blanching
  • Temperature profile in the frying system (lower temperature in the end zone of the fryer)
  • Moisture content of final product
  • Optimize process control (never over fry)
  • Remove all dark brown chips or french fries (possible optical sorting)

Plan and control the factors of importance above, but remember that the final product has to still be of top quality and loved by your consumer.

We have summarized some basic facts about acrylamide and information to consider in a new article. Other important help on the subject is the Acrylamide Toolbox from FoodDrinkEurope and educational videos from European Snacks Association, ESA. ESA has now supporting data from 2002 to 2019 confirming that low levels of Acrylamide is possible.

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12 January, 2021

Exploring a new snack application

Construction is under way for a new snacks processing line at STRIPS CHIPS in Czech Republic. It is very exciting to be part of this project where we, in partnership with customer, is taking the handcraft snack product into industrial scale. The snack product is an extruded snack made from beans, chick peas and lentils and fried in the Rosenqvists star wheel fryer. The end product is crunchy and hot in flavour profiles inspired from Mexico, Asia and the Mediterranean. Another excellent example of the plant based trend among snacks products.

Working hard on the programming

From a processing point of view, an interesting challenge to make sure we balance the right moisture levels and frying times in the best possible way. We congratulate STRIPS CHIPS on a great looking new factory site and hope for success in the market place.

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11 January, 2021

New article: Why Do We Blanch Cut Potato Slices?

In this new article by Göran Wadsten, he explains why it is important to blanch potato slices aimed for potato chips. Hopefully, blanching is not needed all year around, but it is a crucial step in the processing to achieve crispy and bright coloured potato chips.

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