27 June, 2022

Upgrades to the Star Wheel Fryer

The star wheel fryer used for snack pellets is an efficient system offering unparalleled oil turn over rate. With a new infeed and a possible option for additional oil turbulence you can rest assure that even the most difficult snack pellets can be fried with excellent result.

The concept with the new infeed section makes sure that the snack pellet lands directly into the hot oil compartment. We have improved the distribution into the frying compartment minimizing the risk of pellets sticking to each other or getting stuck on fryer walls. Inside the fryer, we have also improved the star wheel with additional perforated holes improving oil flow. Even for challenging 3D shaped pellets, the frying performance is spotless.

A practical aspect of the new infeed design is that your current star wheel fryer can easily be upgraded. No need for you to purchase a new fryer to utilize this latest upgrade. The customer service team from Rosenqvists Food Technologies can plan and offer an upgrade kit for you. The upgrade is done at site using only one day of work. If you, for some reason, would like to go back to the traditional infeed, you can switch back with a quick change.

The latest design changes also include an additional oil turbulence, SPOT. The oil turbulence is used as an extra boost for the hot oil to reach all cavities of the snack pellet. For most shapes of snack pellets the oil turbulence is not needed and the design feature is therefore only offered as an option. The SPOT oil turbulence can be installed on new as well as already installed star wheel fryers.

The latest upgrades to the star wheel fryer is developed in close cooperation with a client and a pellet supplier. We thank them for providing valuable feed-back to our design team and allowing us to test new feature in their daily operation.

Contact Customer Service to get more information and offer for your upgrade to the star wheel fryer.

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5 May, 2022

The smart and efficient 3-step slice washer

The 3-step slice washing system is used in potato-chip production industry to wash away surface starch from potato slices after cutting. With the latest development by Rosenqvists Food Technologies, the system is further developed, offering some unique features. In this article, Magnus Kalling, the R&D Manager at Rosenqvists Food Technologies, summarizes the reasons for washing potato slices and explain why the 3-step slice washing system is such an efficient system.

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30 March, 2022

Six tips to optimize water usage when producing potato chips

Water is used to produce high-quality potato chips for many good reasons. But water is a scarce resource and producers of chips are working hard to minimize the usage of water. What can you do to optimize the usage of water? In a new article, our project manager, Richard Rosenquist, explain why water is needed in your production and the six best tips for optimal water usage. 

The team of project managers at Rosenqvists Food Technologies is an important part of the communication we have with clients. They act as a speaking partner and advisor for all factors influencing the process. Richard Rosenquist has worked as project manager for some years now and we are glad he could share some insight for water management. 

Water is an important investment for a long production cycle. By reading the article, you can learn where water is used and why, some insight about our efficient slice washing system and study our six best tips for optimizing water usage. The six best tips are: 

  1. Clean the potato at intake 
  2. Re-use the water from slice washing and peeling 
  3. Utilize the waste stream from peeling and slice washing 
  4. Monitor water usage for blanching 
  5. Stop and clean as few times as possible 
  6. Re-use energy from the frying system to heat up water 

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3 March, 2022

Introducing Inspection Service – your tool for operational reliability

Inspection Service is the service for optimizing the process giving you peace of mind. It is an investment for improvements based on partnership between the customer service team from Rosenqvists Food Technologies and your maintenance team.

During the inspection service, we study the processing line in operation as well as reviewing it during production stand-still. Our technician inspects and documents, we are not dismantling or repairing any machinery during inspection service. With this information and a discussion with your maintenance team, we prepare a report with recommended actions for future maintenance.

Even if we can’t guarantee that breakdowns won’t happen, we can at least minimize the risk for unnecessary production stops.

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28 January, 2022

Proud sponsor of Team Rynkeby

Happy to share that we are again sponsoring the important charity event Team Rynkeby. The cyclists are collecting funds to be used for research against child cancer. At Rosenqvists Food Technologies, we are proud to support this initiative. We wish the cycle team of 2022 all the best on your adventures towards Paris!

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13 December, 2021

Design Improvements for the Continuous Oil Drum Filter

The continuous oil drum filter is a true work horse in processing lines from Rosenqvists Food Technologies. It is used in all frying systems we design for potato chips, French fries and potato specialities. We met up with design engineer, Mikael Larsson, to find out more about why the filter is such a smart machine and what has happened since 1974 when the first drum filter was built.

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24 November, 2021

The new belt drying system from Rosenqvists Food Technologies

Preparing for Interpom in Belgium on November 28-30, 2021, we are pleased to introduce the new belt dryer design from Rosenqvists Food Technologies. Our design team reviewed the market demands and focus for their work has been on hygiene, cleanability, performance and heat recovery.

With the introduction of the new belt drying system, Rosenqvists Food Technologies can offer a full range of drying modules for capacities ranging from 2 tons per hour up to 25 tons per hour. The system can be driven by hot water or steam and is easily expanded with additional modules. The hygienic design and control of humidity, air flow and temperature in each individual module offers improved functionality. By adding a heat recovery system backing up your drying system, significant cost savings can also be realized.

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11 October, 2021

Large scale drying, coating and double-frying system for French Fries

New project for 16 ton/hour coated French Fries under delivery. We are proud of the new drying design with improvements for hygiene, cleanability and heat recovery. The coating line and double-frying system you see on the image offer great versatility for product variation.

We look forward to tell you more about the latest development on the upcoming Interpom in Belgium. You will find Rosenqvists Food Technologies at booth 164 at the Interpom exhibition.

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17 August, 2021

Potato Chips Processing – check out film

Helping to start a new Chips factory is something special. To see the first chips coming out of the the fryer makes us happy and proud. We know the determination required behind a successful start-up, from us at Rosenqvists Food Technologies and from our local client.

Check out this video from the initial production day producing the first potato chips. They looked and tasted amazing, even on the first day of production. It is five minutes long, but gives a good overview of the different processing steps of classic potato chips.

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12 July, 2021

3 Practical Tips for Maintenance

Our service team has collected our best tips for maintenance in this article. Following these recommendations will secure uptime and save you costs for maintenance. They are all easy to perform on a regular basis. Click on the article below to learn more, it will only take you 2-3 minutes. We will explain more about:

  1. Checking condition of the Teflon Strip
  2. Replacing Leaf Springs and Spacers in your vibratory conveyor
  3. Checking your Scraper Spring in the continuous filter

At Rosenqvists Food Technologies, our engineers do everything they can to allow for an easy maintenance. Building tough and stable machines with long lifetime and with as low maintenance costs as possible are two core objectives for us. But after start-up, keeping your processing line in good condition requires planning and dedication of the maintenance team. We can give you advice on what parts to have in your stock and help you with inspection service where we trouble-shoot your line and present recommendations to lower your service costs.

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