16 June, 2021

Rosenqvists announces the winner of the competition “How old is the oldest operational chips fryer?”

The oldest operational chips fryer was installed in Turkey and started up in February 1976. This means it has been in operation 45 years and 4 months.

The competition “How old is the oldest operational chips fryer from Rosenqvists” is a celebration of great engineering work. We thank you all for your guesses and interest in our competition. Mr Jordi Campa from Liven in Spain were spot on and wins the first prize, the wireless speaker from Boomit. Congratulations to Jordi Campa! The speaker is on its way.

We like to also specially mention Tomas Stomberg at Orkla in Sweden and Malin van Dellen från Culinar in Sweden for your guesses of 45 years and 2 months. You were so close!

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1 June, 2021

How old is the oldest working chips fryer from Rosenqvists?

Guess how many years and how many months old the chips fryer is. If you come closest to reality, you can win a Boomit wireless speaker. Perfect for your garden party or your picnic during the summer.

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