16 May, 2023

Are you our new Design Engineer?

As design engineer at Rosenqvists Food Technologies you are part of the team for construction design. We are ten members of the team today led by our manager for engineering. The position is located in our offices in Kristianstad, Sweden. You will get opportunities for development, learning from our experienced colleagues and to support unique customized engineering projects. You will get a chance to grow in your role.

Does this sound like a challenge for you?

Please, contact Carl-Magnus Rosryd.

Contact Carl-Magnus Rosryd

Carl-Magnus Rosryd

Engineering Manager

+46766498726 carl-magnus.rosryd@rosenqvists.com

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24 April, 2023

Supporting European Snacks Association

Savoury Snacks Production Course 1

Happy and proud to be supporting the European Snacks Association at the Savoury Snacks Production Course 1. This is a training course with more than fifty professionals in the snacks industry. This time it was held in Lisbon, Portugal.

A great place to learn. At the course, we got a chance to share information regarding processing of potato chips as well as frying of snack pellets.

We cherish the fact that we can contribute to increase competence in our industry. Thank you for a well-organized training course.

Look out for more course opportunities from ESA. We know they plan for part 2 of the Savoury Snacks Production Course during the fall of 2023.

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31 March, 2023

Reducing carbon footprint in a competitive world

Dear Friend,

Producing potato chips or french fries requires a substantial amount of energy. Yes, we are the first to confirm this statement. There is nothing we can do about this physical fact. However, we can influence that energy is used efficiently and we can also guide you in steps to save energy.

In this newsletter you can read more about our best tips to save energy if you are producing potato chips, review water usage in a chips line but also a look inside our workshop where the machines are built for  Rosenqvists Food Technologies.

We follow our clients strive to achieve an efficient production process and try our best to support with advice. It is impressive to learn about your initiatives to save water, recover energy from frying systems, turning waste stream into bio-energy and many more initiatives. It is clear for us at Rosenqvists Food Technologies that the potato processing industry is determined to improve reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact as much as possible. Efficiency improvements are important from an economic standpoint, but are essential in developing our industry to a sustainable and positive view in the society. After all, we want to continue to enjoy potato chips, snacks, fried peanuts, crispy french fries or a golden hash brown for breakfast.

Kind regards,

Stefan Björk, Managing Director

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30 January, 2023

Vacant position: Technical Sales Support

We are hiring. Technical Sales Support is a new key role in our sales team at Rosenqvists Food Technologies.

We design and manufacture processing lines for potato chips, snack food and frozen French fries. The projects we sell are complex so careful attention is dedicated to layout, process calculations and descriptions in quotations.

We would like to strengthen our sales team with a technically driven person who can support our sales managers and help us to improve our sales tools.

Do you thrive in an international business to business environment? Do you have an interest in technical processes and would like to drive development and change?

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5 tips to save energy when producing potato chips

Energy supply and price of energy represents significant challenges for all producers of potato chips today. Luckily, there are some great opportunities out there to help you save energy. Read this article where we summarize our best ideas what you can do short-term. The ideas come from our R&D Manager, Magnus Kalling and are summarized by Key Account Manager, Niklas Möllerstedt.

We know there are so many factors to consider and we normally start with recommendations for the general production set-up. Addressing heating, ventilation and efficient processing equipment are all part of your planning for the best production. But how can you optimize your production to save significant energy?

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20 December, 2022

R-News: What happened in 2022 – What we look forward to?

Dear Friend,

This past year has been eventful for us at Rosenqvists Food Technologies. When I think about the projects, we have been supporting in 2022, I am especially satisfied of how much we have learned together with you, our clients and partners. The important improvement in our solutions is realized thanks to relevant interaction with you and thanks to committed team members in our company. I am thankful for this important collaboration. A few special memories from the achievements during the past year are:

  • A completed re-design of the star wheel fryer for snack pellets.
  • Studies and training in how to optimize the production of potato chips. There are still so much to master regarding energy efficiency, water usage and, of course, product development.
  • Verification of the performance of the new drying system for french fries. Performance, ability to clean and energy consumption means lower production cost and longer production hours for our clients.
  • Validation that our frying system for potato specialities offers unique benefits in terms of oil volume and oil flow.
  • The processing line for coated french fries is updated to allow for easier cleaning.

I don’t know exactly what the coming year has to offer us, but my expectations are high. The discussions we currently have for future projects tells me that the food industry has a positive view of the future. We are in for an exciting year. I look forward to diving in deeper into new heat supply sources for potato chips, to develop and prepare new solutions for preparing french fries into further processing and for a re-design of the biggest star wheel fryer for pellets offering even better oil turn-over rate. We have a lot going in terms of development. Still, the most rewarding satisfaction I experience is when I see some our machines in action in your production site, doing its job, hour after hour, day after day.

Thank you for your trust and business during the year, it means a lot. I wish you some nice days over Christmas and New Years!

Kind regards,

Stefan Björk, Managing Director Rosenqvists Food Technologies

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5 December, 2022

Take-aways from Interpom

Thinking back to my days at Interpom, I am filled with enthusiasm. The potato industry has a positive belief in the future, and rightly so, consumers continue to love French fries and potato specialties in all shapes and forms.

For us, at Rosenqvists Food Technologies, it feels great to be part of this industry and  we remain humble for any challenges that awaits us. Our days at Interpom was packed with interesting discussions. Process optimization in general, focus on oil management and energy efficiency but also importance of cleanability of and access to process equipment. We got the chance to discuss our three-step filtering and optimal oil handling in our potato specialties frying system and to explain our new clean design of our drying system for French fries.

Thank you, all visitors at Interpom, you made our days intensive and interesting. We look forward to get a chance to work on more projects together.


Stefan Björk, Managing Director

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23 November, 2022

Hope to see you at Interpom 2022!

We look forward to meet you at Interpom 2022. The show takes place in Kortrijk, Belgium between November 27-29. Come and talk to us about possibilities for drying, coating and frying of french fries or potato speciailities. We will be in booth 164.
Best regards,
Stefan BjörkFredrik RönnbergDries De Block and Fredrik Edlind – the team from Rosenqvists Food Technologies

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3 November, 2022

Welcome to Gulfood Manufacturing!

Gulfood Manufacturing is waiting around the corner set up in Dubai during November 8-10, 2022. As previous years, Rosenqvists Food Technologies will be waiting for you in the booth of our agent Kaydee Food Processing Solutions. It is in hall 3, stand number D3-18.

We look forward to discussing your plans for production of potato chips, snacks, french fries or peanuts.


Kamel Hamade and Jörgen Andersson

Area Sales Managers

Rosenqvists Food Technologies

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R-News: See you at Interpom!

Dear Friend,

In this newsletter, we share information about a new speciality frying system for the vegetarian customer segment, frying peanuts without wasting oil and a reminder to plan for Interpom in November.

We continue our work to increase efficiency in your production. It is important for everyone to adjust to an uncertain energy situation and high cost situation for raw materials. We are pleased with the important design choices we have done over the years, choices focusing on low oil volumes, preserving oil quality, saving water and minimizing use of energy.

We learn new things every day. For example, how much energy can be saved by insulating the fryer hood for potato chips or energy savings when removing one percentage more of the surface water of chips slices or french fries before frying.

We hope to see you at the Interpom show in Kortrijk, Belgium on November 27-29!


Stefan Björk, Managing Director

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