12 February, 2024

Snack Science Hub at Snackex – Save the date

Plan already now and make sure you will be at Snackex in Stockholm, Sweden on June 19-20, 2024. We are proud sponsor of the Snack Science Hub, the know-how session of Snackex. It is open for everyone and free of charge, packed with exciting insights of snacks. You don’t want to miss out.

Some highlights from the program are tips for energy savings, product development, cutting technology and insight to pulse electric field-technology. It will be like a mini-university for us engaged in the snacks industry.

Register free of charge to Snackex already now. We look forward to seeing you there!

You can download the interesting program below.

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19 December, 2023

Summary of 2023 and outlook forward

Summing up the year of 2023 makes me proud and grateful. It is a great feeling to realize that Rosenqvists Food Technologies is a growing company and, most importantly, have a productive cooperation and dialogue with our clients. We get inspired, understanding that you are planning for more projects in the future. From our side, we are ready to support you, to the best of our ability.

Looking in the rear mirror, here are some highlights from the past year:

  • Added seven new colleagues to our company
  • Designed, built and delivered a chips processing system with capacity up to 2000 kg/hour
  • Designed, built and delivered snack pellet lines for 1000 kg/hour capacity
  • Designed, built and delivered equipment for 23 tons/hour capacity for coated french fries
  • Designed, built and delivered frying system for 6400 kg/hour capacity for hash browns
  • We supported you with more service orders than ever before

Read our newsletter where you can learn about one of our most recent projects in South Africa where installation and start-up was done in record time, a good example what can be achieved through a successful collaboration with a client. We also summarize some of the most interesting trends for 2024 scouted by Innova Market Insights.

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11 December, 2023

New project for french fries in South Africa

“Capacity, quality, futureproofing,… were some key focus points for this client in South Africa, something they made clear for us when we started the project journey together”, explains sales manager Dries De Block at Rosenqvists Food Technologies.

Understanding the local challenge of dry matter fluctuations throughout the season in raw material, made them decide on going for a large drying system. This system offers the opportunity to maintain final capacity requirements even when processing lower dry matter potatoes.

Furthermore, they have chosen for flexibility by choosing a setup where in the future an extra coating section can be added to the line. The project already includes important upgrade possibilities for more production capacity and a bigger range of products.

“I am very proud I was part of this project and to see this state-of-the-art line for french fries in operation”, concludes Dries De Block. Warmest thanks to the client for great cooperation and partnership in sales with Gary Clack from Albrecht Machinery.

Get in touch

Dries De Block

Area Sales Manager

+46766498711 dries.deblock@rosenqvists.com

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4 October, 2023

We want to talk snacks, potato chips and french fries with you – Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

On November 7-9, 2023, we hope to see you at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai. Together with our partners from Kaydee Food Processing Solutions, we will be in Hall 3, stand 3-18. Come and find out more how we can support you in your next project for snacks, potato chips, nuts, french fries or hash browns. Kamel Hamade and Stefan Björk will be ready to support you.

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25 September, 2023

The first fries are special – read the newsletter

In this newsletter you can read about the new generation of automation software. This new platform from Siemens has enables us to develop new user interface for the operators. We are sharing a short film from one of our recent installations for French fries. New material for leaf springs in vibratory conveyors and a smart design for wear indication for the gliding strips are introduced. With increasing demands from the market, you will also get to know some of our new team members.

Daily operations continue at a fast pace at Rosenqvists Food Technologies, solving new design challenges. It makes me happy and proud to see all improvements we manage to implement in projects we are working on. During the latest six months, significant changes have been made to lower oil volume in our snack pellet fryer, improved protection for the potato speciality fryer, achieved better hygiene in our new drying system for French fries, lowered the surface water of the chips slices for potato chips and increased speeds in frying systems for prefabricated chips.

Our workshop recently celebrated 125 years of operation. In Gringelstad, in the south of Sweden, blacksmith Master Algot started to manufacture and repair tools, wagon wheels and horseshoes for local farmers and the nearby manor of Ugerup. This was back in 1898 when every village had its own blacksmith. There are many stories of Master Algot and his new constructions and inventions. These were products made from conversations with local farmers, solving their challenges.

In 1960, we started to manufacture irrigation machines under the brand Rosenqvists.

In 1976, we started to manufacture machines for food processing under the brand PPM. Eventually, this production merged into today’s Rosenqvists Food Technologies.

Still today, we listen to what our client’s needs, and we are ready to adapt our design to make it fit perfectly. The handcraft skills of the people working here is world-class and our most important resource. Moving forward, we proceed our focus on food processing and, of course, especially potato processing.

Kind regards,

Stefan Björk, Managing Director

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28 July, 2023

Come see us at Anutec FoodTec India

Only a few weeks away. Want to explore opportunities for potato processing together with an expert in the field?

  • French Fries
  • Hash Browns
  • Potato Chips
  • Snacks

Anutec Foodtec in Mumbai, India on September 7-9, 2023. You find us and our local partner Food Processing Technologies in Hall 1, Stall No C13.

“Looking forward to discuss oil quality, long production hours, drying with heat recovery and more”, says Fredrik Rönnberg Sales Manager at Rosenqvists Food Technologies

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24 April, 2023

Supporting European Snacks Association

Savoury Snacks Production Course 1

Happy and proud to be supporting the European Snacks Association at the Savoury Snacks Production Course 1. This is a training course with more than fifty professionals in the snacks industry. This time it was held in Lisbon, Portugal.

A great place to learn. At the course, we got a chance to share information regarding processing of potato chips as well as frying of snack pellets.

We cherish the fact that we can contribute to increase competence in our industry. Thank you for a well-organized training course.

Look out for more course opportunities from ESA. We know they plan for part 2 of the Savoury Snacks Production Course during the fall of 2023.

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31 March, 2023

Reducing carbon footprint in a competitive world

Dear Friend,

Producing potato chips or french fries requires a substantial amount of energy. Yes, we are the first to confirm this statement. There is nothing we can do about this physical fact. However, we can influence that energy is used efficiently and we can also guide you in steps to save energy.

In this newsletter you can read more about our best tips to save energy if you are producing potato chips, review water usage in a chips line but also a look inside our workshop where the machines are built for  Rosenqvists Food Technologies.

We follow our clients strive to achieve an efficient production process and try our best to support with advice. It is impressive to learn about your initiatives to save water, recover energy from frying systems, turning waste stream into bio-energy and many more initiatives. It is clear for us at Rosenqvists Food Technologies that the potato processing industry is determined to improve reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact as much as possible. Efficiency improvements are important from an economic standpoint, but are essential in developing our industry to a sustainable and positive view in the society. After all, we want to continue to enjoy potato chips, snacks, fried peanuts, crispy french fries or a golden hash brown for breakfast.

Kind regards,

Stefan Björk, Managing Director

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30 January, 2023

5 tips to save energy when producing potato chips

Energy supply and price of energy represents significant challenges for all producers of potato chips today. Luckily, there are some great opportunities out there to help you save energy. Read this article where we summarize our best ideas what you can do short-term. The ideas come from our R&D Manager, Magnus Kalling and are summarized by Key Account Manager, Niklas Möllerstedt.

We know there are so many factors to consider and we normally start with recommendations for the general production set-up. Addressing heating, ventilation and efficient processing equipment are all part of your planning for the best production. But how can you optimize your production to save significant energy?

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20 December, 2022

R-News: What happened in 2022 – What we look forward to?

Dear Friend,

This past year has been eventful for us at Rosenqvists Food Technologies. When I think about the projects, we have been supporting in 2022, I am especially satisfied of how much we have learned together with you, our clients and partners. The important improvement in our solutions is realized thanks to relevant interaction with you and thanks to committed team members in our company. I am thankful for this important collaboration. A few special memories from the achievements during the past year are:

  • A completed re-design of the star wheel fryer for snack pellets.
  • Studies and training in how to optimize the production of potato chips. There are still so much to master regarding energy efficiency, water usage and, of course, product development.
  • Verification of the performance of the new drying system for french fries. Performance, ability to clean and energy consumption means lower production cost and longer production hours for our clients.
  • Validation that our frying system for potato specialities offers unique benefits in terms of oil volume and oil flow.
  • The processing line for coated french fries is updated to allow for easier cleaning.

I don’t know exactly what the coming year has to offer us, but my expectations are high. The discussions we currently have for future projects tells me that the food industry has a positive view of the future. We are in for an exciting year. I look forward to diving in deeper into new heat supply sources for potato chips, to develop and prepare new solutions for preparing french fries into further processing and for a re-design of the biggest star wheel fryer for pellets offering even better oil turn-over rate. We have a lot going in terms of development. Still, the most rewarding satisfaction I experience is when I see some our machines in action in your production site, doing its job, hour after hour, day after day.

Thank you for your trust and business during the year, it means a lot. I wish you some nice days over Christmas and New Years!

Kind regards,

Stefan Björk, Managing Director Rosenqvists Food Technologies

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