14 December, 2020

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8 September, 2020

We Are Strengthening Our Organization

Rosenqvists keep adding new competence to our engineering team. Oskar Lagerås, Master of Mechanical Engineering from Lund Technical University, joined our company in May 2020. He comes from the company BorgWarner in the automotive industry where he has been a key driver in their development team. We are thrilled to have Oskar at Rosenqvists Food Technologies and look forward to his contributions for improved construction design.

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27 April, 2020

How to coat French Fries and other cut potato products

Coating is applied to create desired product characteristics in today´s potato products, for example French Fries or Wedges. When we designed our batter mixer and enrober for coated products, we knew that the ideal of such a system was to ensure an even coverage of coating on each individual product before frying. This is exactly what we have accomplished.

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26 April, 2020

Fantastic frying of French Fries – 4 key factors to succeed

The processing of French Fries has been optimized over several years by companies like Rosenqvists Food Technologies. The market for frozen French Fries is global and represents interesting growth opportunities for producers all around the world. At Rosenqvists, we take great pride in our frying solutions and in this text, we summarize our key learnings for successful frying of classic and coated French Fries.

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20 May, 2019

Introducing RoastR

**Re-discover a classic ingredient ** 
When cooking and expanding snack pellets, heat is applied. RoastR utilizes the extraordinary thermal conductivity in salt. This classic snack ingredient has proven to be an excellent heating media providing expansion and perfect crispiness for snack pellets. By roasting the pellet in salt, a crispy and crunchy snack is produced with 0% fat.

Snack pellet opportunities 
The gentle roasting process preserves important nutrients. A wide range of standard 2D pellets and protein pellets can be produced with RoastR, and of course – tomorrow’s fresh vegetable-based snack pellets. Promising new developments are being done at the moment to launch snack pellets with increased protein levels as well as other categories with increased content of fresh vegetables. Pellets with high protein content based on fresh vegetables, are currently entering the market.

**With RoastR you can process snack pellets, using only salt: ** 
• Low fat (from 0%) 
• High protein 
• Fresh vegetables

Thanks to the excellent heat transfer using salt as heat media, the pellet can be processed in lower process temperature, which is interesting from a processing point of view. (see Figure 1).

Introducing RoastR 
“When re-discovering the heat transfer capability of salt in snacks production, it was clear to us we needed to develop this opportunity for our customers”, says Stefan Björk Managing Director at Rosenqvists.

Rosenqvists Food Technologies introduces RoastR, an innovation for production of healthy snack pellets. RoastR is an important addition to the range of equipment for future investments.

Easy to operate 
The processing line for RoastR is designed to be easy to manage. It consists of an infeed elevator, a vibratory infeed conveyor, the RoastR, a vibratory outfeed conveyor and an equilibration belt feeding the snack product to the Rosenqvists seasoning system Seabase. RoastR operates with a special salt which needs to be replaced after one or two weeks due to coloration. Thanks to the specification of the salt utilized for the roasting process, only a fraction of salt uptake can be detected in the processed snack pellet.

**Do you want to learn more about RoastR? ** 
The introduction of RoastR take place at Snackex www.snackex.com, the industry exhibition in Barcelona on June 27-28, 2019. 
You can learn more about the next step in snack innovation at www.saltroaster.com.

Download the article here in ENG or ESP.

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4 April, 2019

Rosenqvists MTX fryer

We are proud to offer this unique flexibility to our customers”, says Stefan Björk, Managing Director at Rosenqvists Food Technologies. As champions in the frying technology, our development team always strive to achieve the perfect product characteristics. With the MTX fryer we have the unique solution to produce Batch Fried Potato Chips and Classic Potato Chips in the same fryer.

The change-over from Batch-Set-Up to Classic Chips takes about 90 minutes. This means a practical and realistic chance for snacks manufacturer to plan for shifts of both styles of potato chips.

Short facts about the MTX Fryer: 
The MTX uses the unique multi-zone frying solution from Rosenqvists patented batch frying. By adjusting the temperature zones and applying different techniques for product transportation, the MTX fryer is truly a flexible machine. We present a few advantages with this fryer below:

• Classic Potato Chips 
• Batch Fried Chips 
• Change over in 90 min 
• Minimum amount of oil used 
• Optimal heating

If you want to be able to produce two different types of Potato Chips in the same fryer, please contact us to learn more!

Stefan Björk 
Managing Director 
Rosenqvists Food Technologies


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Developing and designing French fry lines for more than 40 years

19 February, 2019

3 success factors for perfect seasoning of snacks

We will guide you through the fundamentals of seasoning. An accurate seasoning system is a guarantee for a great snack product, but also an insurance to control your production economy. Great savings can often be made with a professional seasoning system.

Latest news

7 February, 2019

Design improvements to the star wheel fryer

At Rosenqvists we have 25 years of experience with the Star Wheel Fryer design. We are continuously improving and adjusting the functionality. Our focus will always be on improving the frying performance and to simplify the operation´of the process line. We can highlight two major improvements with today’s Star Wheel Fryer, compared with the design a decade ago:

We have introduced automatic oil level control arrangement. By measuring the oil level automatically, you can always make sure you use the adequate amount of oil. With this new set-up, we can save oil consumption and reach best possible oil turnover rate.

New product outlet with screening. The newly fried pellets leaving the fryer carry some extra oil with them. We have a new outlet design with a screen allowing most of the oil to separate from the pellets before the drip-off belt. As before, the drip-off belt will take care of the rest of the extra oil.


• Safety sensor to avoid opening the fryer when infeed conveyor is in place 
• Temperature- and oil level safety sensors

You are more than welcome to contact us here to learn more about how you best can process snack pellets!

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11 December, 2018

The world’s biggest fryer for potato specialities?

The loading of our fryer, with a length of 25 meter, a height of 3 meter, a width of 3 meter and an approximately weight of 24 ton, was a real challenge. It recquired a team of professionals and for that we would like to thank all participants and also Sven Jinert AB for a job well done!

For those of you who are interested in seeing the loading and packaging, we filmed the whole process! Please visit our Facebook page or our LinkedIn page to se the film


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